2007-2008 Committees

Annual Meeting
(fall 2010)

Co-chair, Julie Schneider
Co-chair, Barb Sisolak
Rebecca Holz
Robert Koehler
Michael Venner

Annual Meeting
(spring 2008)
Co-chair, Karen Hanus
Co-chair, Barb Sisolak
Felicia Vastalo
Chair, Leslie Christensen (2009)
Robert Koehler (2009)
Lucy Webb (2009)

Archivist, Karen Hanus (2008)
Mary Hitchcock (2008)

Nominations and Election
Chair, Mary Hitchcock (2008)
(South Central)
Jennifer Schram (2008)
Lucy Webb (2008)
Bonnie O'Leske (2008)
(Fox Valley)
Bylaws and Guidelines
Chair, Barb Sisolak (2008)

Chair, Karen Hanus (2009)
Barb Bartkowiak (2009)
Mary Hitchcock (Newsletter editor) (2009)

Chair, Sue Coenen (2008)
Brenda Fay (2009)
Ulrike Dieterle (2009)

Institutional Issues
Chair, Brian Finnegan (2008)
Sharon Wochos (2008)
Lori Francar (2008)
Robert Koehler (2008)

Chair, Karen Hanus (2008)
Michele Matucheski (2008)
Barb Sisolak (2008)
Michael Venner (2008)

Chair, Julie Schneider (2009)
Open (2009)
Stephen Johnson (2009)

Professional Development
Chair, Marie Janz (2009)
Michele Matucheski (2008)
Barb Ruggeri (2008)
Martha Jerme (2008)

WHSLA Webmaster
Karen Hanus

WHSLA E-mail List Owner
Karen Hanus

Library Services and Technology Act Advisory Committee Representative
Terry Burton
Library Information Technology Advisory Committee Representative
Vicki Kuenzi and Allan Barclay
Mary Bayorgeon and Barbara Arnold

Health science library representative for Executive Planning Group for the Visioning Summit is Melinda Orebaugh