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Newsletters (1972-2014)

Newsletter archive is available for 1972 to 2014.  An author/personal name as subject index is available for the WHSLA Newsletters from issue 37 to issue 334. 

WHSLA Logos/Brochures

These files may be used by WHSLA members for promotional items or other official WHSLA business. Other uses must be approved by the WHSLA president.

Email List

WHSLA has an email list courtesy of the Greater Midwest Region.

Policies for the GMR-WHSLA email list

To subscribe to the list:
1. Address an email message to 
2. Skip over the CC:, Subject line, etc.
3. In the body of the message, type 
4. You will receive a message instructing you to reply "ok" to it. 

To send a message to the list, address it to . 

If you reply to a message from the list, your reply will only go to the original sender. Use the reply all feature (available in many mail systems) to send to the entire list. Always check the To: field in a message to which you are replying to make sure it will be sent to the appropriate address.

If you have trouble subscribing to the list, contact Allan Barclay, or visit
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